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Law No. 9 of 2003 Amending the Dubai Technology, Electronic Commerce and Media Free Zone Law No. (1) Of 2000

We, Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Ruler of Dubai

After perusal of the Dubai Technology, Electronic Commerce and Media Free Zone Law No. (1) Of 2000, here and after referred to as the "Original Law",

do hereby issue the following Law:

Article (1)

The texts of Articles 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10 and 18 of the Original Law shall be replaced with the following texts:

Article 1

This Law shall be known as "The Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Law".

Article 2

The following words and phrases shall have the following meaning appearing opposite each of them, unless the context implies otherwise:

The Ruler H.H. The Ruler of Dubai
The Government The Government of Dubai
The Emirate The Emirate of Dubai
UAE  The United Arab Emirates
Free Zone  Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone
Authority  The Free Zone Authority
Chairman  The Chairman of the Authority
Director General The Director General of the Authority
Electronic Commerce business which is conducted by an electronic medium predominantly on the Internet
Technology all aspects of computing, data recording, television, video, telecommunications, storing, retrieval and sending of information by the use of technology, computer equipments, computer hardware and software, telecommunications systems and networks, including, without limitation, those referred to in Article 10 herein.
Media  human and technological methods available for the communication and distribution of printed or digital, audio and visual information to specified or unspecified parties, including, without limitation, cable and satellite television broadcasting, and television production.
Products  all goods including, without limitation, materials, equipments and merchandise of all types whatsoever.
Free Zone Establishment any natural or corporate person licensed to carry on business in the Free Zone pursuant to this law and regulations issued in relation thereto, including all kinds of commercial companies.
Other Free Zones Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai International Airport Free Zone, and any other zone or zones established in the Emirates.

 Article 3

There shall be established by this Law:

a. a free zone to be known as "Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone", which location, area and boundaries shall be as set out in the map attached to this Law. 

b. a corporate entity known as the Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority. It shall have financial and administrative independence, and shall be owned by the Government of Dubai. It shall manage, operate and supervise the Free Zone. It may sue or be sued in this capacity, and shall undertake all the necessary actions to achieve the objects of the Free Zone.

Article 4

The Free Zone Authority shall be constituted of:

a. a chairman.

b. a board of directors.

c. a director general.

d. an executive body.

Article 9

To achieve its objects, the Authority shall undertake the following functions and responsibilities:

1. procure infrastructure, buildings, management and any other services required to achieve the Authority’s objects.

2. regulate business and activities within the Free Zone.

3. provide telecommunications and Internet services.

4. authentication of Internet and Electronic Commerce sites and issuing of the necessary terms and conditions in relation thereto. The Authority may also license other establishments within the Free Zone to perform the authentication process of such sites.

5. establish and license establishments in the Free Zone.

6. regulate commerce between establishments in the Free Zone and any other parties outside the Free Zone.

7 enter into agreements with other Free Zones to enable the Free Zone establishments to carry on business in those other zones.

8. provide the Free Zone establishments, upon request, with executives, managers technicians, craftsmen and other workers in accordance with the provisions of this Law, the regulations issued in relation thereto, and any terms and conditions agreed upon by the Authority and these establishments.

9. provide of all kinds of services.

10. levy and charge fees for the services it provides.

11. establish an investment fund for providing capital to the Free Zone establishments, and for investing the Authority’s funds in the manner and method, and in the activities and projects, which the Chairman deems fit.

12. establish or enter into partnership with others in projects in or outside the Free Zone.

Article 10

The business and activities carried on in the Free Zone shall include the following:

1. the design, development, use and maintenance of everything relevant to Information Technology.

2. business of Electronic Commerce.

3. telecommunications and media services.

4. provision of services through the Internet or through any other medium including banking, financial services, insurance, education, call centres, marketing operations, information and recreation services.

5. integrated marketing and public relations services.

6. assembly and packaging of products manufactured within or outside the Free Zone.

7. import, export and storage of products.

8. the development and manufacture of products.

9. warehousing, logistics, distribution and redistribution services.

10. education services.

11. tourism services including hotels.

Article 18

The Authority or the companies and individuals operating in the Free Zone with regard to their operations in it shall not be subject to the laws and regulations of Dubai Municipality, the Department of Economic Development or the Rent Committee or the powers and authorities falling within the jurisdiction of any of them, except for the laws and regulations related to the environment. 

Article (2)

The following article shall be added as "Article (3) Repeated" to the Original Law:

Article (3) Repeated

a. Ownership of the land, assets and other developments in the Free Zone shall be vested in the Authority. The Authority may sell and lease real estates and buildings in the Free Zone for such terms as the Authority shall determine.

b. The Authority may provide all kinds of guarantees and securities upon such terms as the Authority shall determine including the pledging of any or all of the Authority's assets as security for the payment of any debt or the performance of any obligation.

Article (3)

The following article shall be added as "Article (5) Repeated" to the Original Law:

Article (5) Repeated

The Board of Directors shall be appointed for three years term by an order issued by the Chairman. Operations of the Board shall be regulated in accordance with regulations recommended by the Board and approved by the Chairman.

Article (4)

This Law shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall come into effect on the date of its publication.

                                                                             Maktoum Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
                                                                                 Ruler of Dubai

Issued in Dubai on 22 November 2003
Corresponding to 27 Ramadan 1424