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Founded in 2004, IMAGIC is the leading TV & Events production company in the Arab world. Operating in the Gulfandthe MENA region,IMAGICcovers all aspects of TV production, Digital Content, and Event management, from concept development to final delivery. For more than a decade we have repetitively produced a wide range of TV shows and eventsforvariousclientssuch as MBC, Dubai TV, Abu Dhabi TV, the General Entertainment Authority of Saudi Arabia, the General Sports Authority of Saudi Arabia… THE IMAGIC MISSION At IMAGIC, our passion is to bring to life events that people will never forget. We create and produce tailor-made spectacles, from the very first step to the very last detail. Our guiding principles are relevance, value, real connection and engagement. It doesn’t have to be huge, it doesn’t have to be complicated and it doesn’t have to be expensive. But it DOES have to be a Magical moment! THE IMAGIC TEAM What makes the IMAGIC team so special is the variety of talents and diverse professional disciplines feeding into it, and brought together by great enthusiasm and commitment. The team members bring to the table a long and rich experience in the fields of planning and TV production, combining their expertise and skills to design, implement and manage events. THE IMAGIC VISION: INNOVATION IN CREATIVITY It all starts with a concept, an idea, a dream, a vision that will leave its mark on tomorrow! The IMAGIC team makes it its priority to bring onboard the most talented local and international professionals. THE IMAGIC MOTTO: CRAFTING At IMAGIC, we believe that the details are what matter. They are what makes a difference. We know the secret, and our proactive team is always ready to go the extra mile to make sure that any event we deliver is simply dazzling! By relying on the latest technology, brought forth by our international partners, we give life to local insights to craft unforgettable events.

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